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10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing

10 Reasons – Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing – Should I learn it, Is it really worth knowing about, what will I gain from it ? I am pretty sure there might be many thoughts in your mind is that why I should?

Well, I still believe you have came across this field of Digital Marketing from somewhere and might be curious to know if its really for you. Isn’t it?

I would say you are lucky that you knew about it, because it took me more than 7 years in my Software Engineer job career to even know that there is something called as Digital Marketing Field. All I knew was how to use Facebook, to search my needs on Google or to post on Instagram etc etc. 🙂 I hope you can relate it to me.

Just to introduce me : I am Soubhagya Sahoo from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I had 7 years of IT experience when I quit my job to live my True Freedom Life, I came across lot of difficulties and path and finally landed as a Digital Marketer Strategist and currently working as Digital Marketing Strategist/Manager with various startups. To know more, you can visit my “About Me”  page.

So here are The 10 Reasons on Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing :


1. Because it don’t require Technical Knowledge : 

Many people thing that digital marketing is all about having technical knowledge on systems etc. But trust me its only 10% Technical out of the cent percent. The other important attributes are Content (50 %), which is the key to digital marketing. Content can be of any type like articles, blog posts, images, info-graphics, videos, podcasts, copy-writing, etc . To be a successful digital marketer one must have a good hold on Content creation.

30% goes to the Right Process, where we need to understand the process in order to set up the digital marketing campaigns effectively.

Finally 10% of Analytics. It plays the crucial part in data driven methodology. All digital marketing analytics is based on data, so you must understand the data in order to take correct decisions in your digital marketing campaigns.


2. Digital Marketing is Growing : 

Internet users in India are growing with very high speed. It is expected to be almost 500 Million internet users in India by mid 2018.


Internet users in India by 2018              


With the revolution of low cost internet by JIO followed by Airtel, Vodafone and all telecom networks. There has been tremendous increase of mobile users in India. So these numbers are going to increase and there will be huge demand of Digital Marketing with time.


3. Present, Future is Digital : 

You might have heard that its the future where Digital Marketing will have an edge over traditional marketing. But its not, Digital Marketing is in present and yes it will grow with time. If thats not the case, you might not see ads on TV about Google Maps or full page ads in newspapers for Facebook Basics. India will be spending 1.8 Billion this year and gradually the cost will rise up.


And that’s an indication that people are recognising the power of digital medium in India on a large extent.


4. Marketers Needs a Digital Marketing Edge :

Almost 75% of marketers in India are having Traditional Marketing skills. So in order to climb up the ladder, the knowledge of Digital Marketing is a must for all of them. So if you are one of the markets out here, then its a must to learn for you to have that edge in your field.


5. Digital Marketing as Career : 

Before digital marketing became mainstream, freelancers and entrepreneurs were able to get the first mover advantage. People who did good content marketing and search engine marketing were able to scale up the business very fast. Traditional companies did not even know what digital marketing was.

Career In Digital Marketing

Everyday more companies are waking up to the fact that digital marketing is very important and is not an optional strategy in marketing anymore. They are catching up late, but they have to catch-up, there is no other option.

This shift in marketing practice is giving rise to a huge opportunity in digital marketing jobs. Times of India had reported that Digital Marketing will create 2 Lakh jobs in India by 2018. So with the rise of unemployment for students in India, one can opt to learn Digital Marketing to have a bright career in Digital Marketing. You can visit to know more on – How To Start Career in Digital Marketing.


6. You Save Advertising Cost : 

  • You save the agency fees.
  • You save cost on Traditional Ads.
  • Your cost per acquiring a lead is lot cheaper.
  • By learning digital marketing, you can practise digital marketing for your own business. Click to know “WHY BUSINESS NEEDS DIGITAL MARKETING?”

Yes, Digital Marketing has budgets, though its way less than Traditional Marketing. But you need to align budgets for it as its not FREE !


7. Integrated Marketing is the Need of Hour :

Digital marketing is the crucial part of marketing mix. When I work with clients, I try to understand its business model and we align campaigns to support Traditional Marketing with mix with Digital Marketing. You can imaging if you saw a bill board or a poster of an educational institute on road or newspaper and then you see its popping up on your Facebook timeline, would’t it create an impact. This is how its a healthy mix and both supports each other.


8. Digital Marketing is Crucial for your Personal Branding :

Personal Branding using Digital Marketing

If you are a Musician, Dancer, Singer, Cooking, Athlete, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Agent, or an Digital Marketer like me or in whatever profession; So if you want to go for personal branding then Digital Marketing is the best medium to do so. This blog www.soubhagyasahoo.com is my personal blog page which I use to blog about. Along with it I have my presence on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube where I do my personal branding. You can use these Digital Mediums to promote your personal brand.

Digital Marketing can take your talent to the global level.


9. No pre-defined Cost Involved :

Unlike traditional advertising, Digital Marketing has no pre-defined cost for space allocated like news paper/billboard spacing ads cost etc. where you pay for space or full page advertisements which has a pre-fixed cost. But in Digital Marketing, your budget defines your needs. Sometimes the Cost Per Acquisition is higher, sometime lower. So you need to do various types of testing to understand which model suits your ROI of your digital marketing. You cn opt for various models like  Cost Per Click, Cost per Impressions etc which will help you achieve results based on your budget.


10. Most Importantly the Freedom of Work :

Digital Marketing is by far the best field to live the freedom lifestyle. You can work from anywhere, you just need a laptop with internet connection and you are set to go. Online business and entrepreneurship are the feasible freedom lifestyle one can get. I used to work for 12 hours in my corporate job, but since I am into Digital Marketing field I choose my own working time and I can allocate my time to other important matters like my family, my health, my hobbies and most importantly “THE ME TIME”. 🙂

I hope you have got some clarity on the power of Digital Marketing and Why you should learn it.


Thanks Again !

Soubhagya Sahoo (Sou)

Any Questions ? Feel Free to Mail me at : mail@soubhagyasahoo.com

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