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3 Key Steps for Effective Marketing Communications

“Marketing Communications” is the heart of the marketing strategy. If done correctly and effectively, it can result in a higher result set for any organisations in terms of value generation to its brand and in turn increase the sales of their product and motivate customers to give valuable reviews and feedback.

In this article, we will talk about the Marketing Communications Framework and the key steps in developing marketing communications. Also we will take one product as example and see how to set up the framework for it.

Definition :

Marketing Communications (Also Known as “PROMOTION”, one of the 4 P’s)  are the means by which an organisation attempts to inform or persuade customers about their product and services they sell.

Marketing Communications Framework :

  1. Determine target Audience
  2. Set the communication objective
  3. Develop Message
  4. Pick channels/tools of communication
  5. Determine frequency
  6. Operate withing budget

(Source : Kotler/Keller)

From the above 6 steps, we will focus on the 3 Key Steps for the effective Marketing Communication.

1. Determine Your Communication Objective

The possible communication objective can be AIDA ( Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

The 4 key goals of this model is :

  • Get Someone’s attention first – Inform them about your product.
  • Develop their Interest – Communicate to right audience which suits your product demand/needs.
  • Convert their interest to desire – Provide enough enough info to audience that they feel to have your product.
  • And finally communicate in some sort so that the audience can take some action, mostly buying your product.

2. Choosing Your Message

Definitely we wanna say a number of things to our customers like we are here, you should love us and you should buy us right now. But, the most important aspect in developing message is to understand what information and connection your target audience is looking for !

 Lets take a simple example, we are going to market a new premium bike helmet.



So now our messages, that would match each goal might look like this :

In order to get attention of customers we message them like – “Hey Check Out this cool new premium helmet available now.”

Next to generate interest, we might message like as its too hot and sunny day, you might be looking for something light weigh cool helmet to fight with this heat.

Now in order to increase the desire, we throw some key details about our product like its colour, weight, designs, warranty etc.

Finally to compel our customers to Why Buy Now , we can message like Get in Time for this Summer season.

3. Pick The Right Communication Tool

In order to communicate our message effectively to the customers, we can pick up the best suitable communication tool in order to reach them in the best possible way our customers are comfortable with. Some of the tools are :

  • Advertisements
  • Sales Promotion
  • Public Relations
  • Direct
  • Sales
  • Social Media
  • Events
  • Word Of Mouth

Most of the times, we’ll need more than one comm tools & its integration is the key. If we take the Helmet example, we can depict the tools used as below :


In order to generate awareness, we can put display ads to gather the attention of customers in blogs, websites etc which talks about the Bikes and accessories. To develop interest, we can talk about the benefits of our product and the best tool for the message would be our own website. To generate desire, we can use social media to have social interactions with the customers. And finally the action step where the customer wants to buy, the best tool would be the helmet store where the sales representative would best explain the get in time message clearly and also through the use of good e-commerce websites and lead generation landing pages on our own websites.


Lets summarise it together now :

  • Marketing Communication means by which an organisation attempts to inform or persuade customers about their product and services they sell.
  • One part of our broad approach of marketing.
  • Key steps : determine the objective, Choose message and pick right tool to deliver the message.
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