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True Leader

A True Leader

What is the first few things that comes to your mind when you hear the word “LEADER” ?

Are your mind goes towards the Political Leaders, or Leader like Dhoni in Cricketer or Freedom Fighters like Bhagat Singh or simply someone who you follow in your daily life like your Team Leader in your Job. Well in all aspect you are correct.

This blog is somewhat different from my Digital Marketing Blog and I thought of changing the topics toward some personality development which I can share with you, learn from you and discuss with you.

I used to work in corporate world for years and have seen how we have been asked to pursue leadership quality to achieve greater results. We worked hard, meet deadlines, managed teams, conducted meetings with clients, and so on………. If you have worked in any private service sector, you could easily connect with my above sentence.

Leadership is not about managing teams or to get wok done. Leader is one who inspires others, care for his team, put his team in front and backup them.

A True leader is one who comes at the end. A leader is not someone who creates Followers, a leader is someone who creates Leaders.

I tried to jot down few points on the characteristics of a True Leader, feel free to add and comment down your points too. As I mentioned together we can learn and share our thoughts.

  • One who lead with setting up examples. People see what you have done yourself before they can believe in you. So next time you expect your teammate to perform well, set yourself as the example.
  • No Bossy Attitude. If you really want your team’s respect and to increase the productivity in any field, you must quit the Bossy Attitude. As per my own experience, the leads under whom I worked in my Job are the people who acted friendly and encouraged me to perform well and always tried to understand the situation before assessing anything to us.
  • Put Team In Front. A true leader is someone who always gives credit to his team for the overall work done. Team work is the key to success, if someone does good or someone made any mistake, it has to be taken as Team Responsibility. This is how great team works, the stand together for every reason, we should not blame a single person is team for any fault. Rather a leader tries to understand the reason and act accordingly to mitigate the same situation further.

I just tried to articulate few points on Leadership Quality. Feel free to comment down your thoughts and I will surely add them to our article.

Be a Winner and Be a True Leader 🙂

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Thanks Again !

Soubhagya Sahoo (Sou)

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