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Why business needs digital marketing


If you’re not already integrating digital marketing into your sales and marketing, you’re probably missing out on huge potential for your business. But why is that? Digital marketing has many benefits. It will help you cut down on costs, streamline your business operations and reach out to an incredibly vast audience that traditional advertising simply can’t reach.

Now as we can see that almost all business feels the heat of competition and its a must to have online presence in order to grow own and to be competitive enough with their competitors on market.


Don’t Fall Back

You and I will surely accept the fact that the business are progressively moving online – whether its to create awareness about their products/services or to sell the products. Yet many small business still are stuck with the traditional medium of marketing, which will sooner or later will fade away in the crowd of online presence of other business. So lets make sure, this doesn’t happen to you !

Below are the main reasons to adopt to Digital Marketing now:


1. Large Audience Reach

Digital Marketing helps all kind of business i.e. small or large business to reach bigger audiences which was earlier only possible for the big business only due to traditional marketing.

2. Cost Effective

If you are start-up or small business, you would agree that marketing is important but you got limited budget for same. You would want to utilize the fund very effectively to serve your purpose. Now due to Digital Marketing, it has now become possible for you to promote your product and services with very affordable budget. 40% of small businesses have achieved savings through using digital marketing.

3. Optimized Targeting and Conversion

Unlike traditional marketing where we don’t have any control of specific targeting to customers as per our products and services, Digital Marketing has made it possible. e.g. If your product is a lady cosmetics like lipstick etc, you would want to target it to only Women and to be more specific to a age group and to be more specific using location, time and customer behaviour. Yes these all are possible in Digital Marketing and has improved conversion % for any business.

4. Interaction with Audience

Digital marketing allows you to connect with each individual customer, building stronger and deeper connections. Tools such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) gives an opportunity for customers to interact with a business on a very personal level, breaking down a lot of the traditional and formal barriers between business and customer. This enhanced relationship leads to an increased conversion rate and a greater level of customer retention.

5. Builds Brand Reputation

Tools such as social media means that the customer can become a powerful advocate of your business by posting positive comments/reviews that then get shared and seen by many people. Website also enables you to showcase your industry experience and expertise in a very professional manner. These all adds to the brand value.

6. Measure & Analytics

When you allocate certain fund/budget for your product or services marketing. You will like to know how it did. With the help of analytic tools like Google Analytics, its now easy to analyse our online traffic. We can also know where the audience is from, their interests,  etc. This enables you to identify which traffic sources are most profitable, and to make informed changes to your website. This data driven approach to marketing means you can make your marketing budget work more efficiently by focusing your budget on the digital assets which produce the best return on investment.

7. Future Proofing of Your Business

Whether you like it or not, digital marketing is the future. More and more businesses are shifting their budgets to enhancing their online presence. The quicker you adopt these new technologies the quicker you can begin to benefit. Later the competition will grow and the price will also rise.

8. Earns Consumer’s trust

Digital marketing enables you to leverage social proof and testimonials from actual customers which have previously purchased. With 92% of consumers trusting recommendations from friends, leveraging the full potential of social media can be extremely powerful for businesses.

Benefits of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is something that all businesses need to embrace. It offers a world of exciting opportunity with the ability to reach millions of customers across the world; or to target a very specific geographic area. Through digital marketing it is possible efficiently to inform, advise and persuade your customers – all before they’ve even picked up the phone to you. It allows you to automate elements of your sales process, leaving you to focus on the important stuff. It has revolutionised the way businesses build relationships with their customers, and can streamline your entire sales process.

The real question is; Can your business really move forward without it?

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Soubhagya Sahoo

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