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Digital Marketing – A Complete New Revolution

In this article lets talk about the era of Digital Marketing and to conduct a successful campaign strategy.

The biggest problem you and I face in Digital Marketing is how we can run successful campaigns. When I started  used to figure out why the conversion is not happening to the business for whom I run any FB adds or Google Adwords add I set. The answer was that I was missing the correct information to target my ads audience. It fails because they don’t acknowledge the empowered & informed consumer.

Users Power

YOU and I own the internet, and the internet revolution is our story. In past decade we have seen great evolution of Internet in terms of big names like Facebook, Google, eBay, Amazon and many more.

When Google took over Yahoo in the top search engine 10 years back, it was not a result of Google Marketing – we the users made this leap because we gained so much control over the way we searched for information in Google.

Similarly, the eBay allowed us to sell anything t anyone for any price and at any time. Came the Facebook which not only diminished the Orkut completely,  it allowed us to stay in touch with people all over the world.


These great revolutions happened because of one thing. Its because of You and me as they gave us more control over our lives.

With the help of internet we can learn a lot about customers. We can identify their habits, their choice,technology etc. It is fundamentally a lot different from other communication channels. Internet gave the freedom which completely altered the company/customer relationship, putting the customers in the driver’s seat.

With the advancement of communications and internet world, the walls have not only fallen between a company and its customers but between fellow customers, who can publicly share their experience –  good, bad and the ugly.

Market Reality vs Market Research

The primary challenge of any business is how to get its product or service into the hands of its customers.

They do it by market research like polls, surveys and research about habits, choices and interests. But, while conducting the market research especially surveys, we took one key factor – i.e. people lie 🙁

Internet enables us to learn the reality of market by looking what people actually do online. With the use of social listening tools to research on customer’s activities & preferences based on their online habits & by comparing with marketing research.

With collaboration of marketing research and market reality. We can better target our product to the right audience and increasing our chances to have a successful market-go strategy.

Foundation of Digital Marketing – “The 3I Principles”

3i – Initiate,Iterate & Integrate forms the foundation of all DMI methods and the key to any successful marketing strategy.

Principle 1 : Initiate

The greatest challenge we face as a marketer is to find the answers to key question to any marketing strategy. They are budget, resource and the channels. To the surprise, we get all answers is only from the customer only. If only we try to listen them:)


Initiate principle states that customer is the starting and finishing point of all digital activities. The answer to all the question is”Letting customer decide”.

Many jump directly to create website and start posting blogs about the company and products. And start publishing nonspecific contents. They fail to realise that internet is not about broadcasting, its about understanding and to act upon by  2 way conversion. The interactions and time to find out what exactly customers do online will improve your online activities radically.

Principle 2 : Iterate

It the principle to tweak our online campaigns depending upon the interactions we receive upon them.

When we push an ad, we look at the responses like CTR, response rates & conversions etc. If we find it is not serving our purpose, we need to adjust the campaign and start changing its content, design and target audience etc any number of times. It helps if creating an add that converts and it comes with iterations.


1st published idea may not work like charm always. So we need to constantly improve on our ads.

Principle 3 : Integrate

3rd most important principle is to integrate our digital marketing efforts.

  • Integration across digital channels – Using one channel information to improve the effectivenness of other.
  • Integration between digital & traditional marketing – Learn online to broadcast in traditional medium with correct informations.
  • Integrate reporting sources – Gather data from various sources and integrate to bring our the right information to make decision. e.g. Google Analytics helps  in doing this.


So lets take the leap together ! Lets discover what digital channels can do for us, and more importantly – for our customers.


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