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How Digital Marketing can Change Your Life ?

Hi there ! First of all I would like to appreciate you that you made the move to come to this blog post to learn something !

But before we go further, I would like to ask you – “Are you the one, who wants to do something big in life?” One who don’t just want to live the 9-6 Job for whole life? One who wants to create an impact on others? If you are one of those, then I am super excited to welcome you onboard and would always love to hear more from you.

Live life fullest

For some of you who don’t know me, I am Soubhagya Sahoo. I am Co Founder of AA Impressions, the largest Mehndi Art Organization of Odisha. Also I am a full time Digital Marketing Strategist and trainer. I work with startups and small business to help them grow digitally and train business organization, students on Digital Marketing Strategies. Apart from everything, I love to share all my learnings of Digital Marketing on my blog site www.soubhagyasahoo.com.

So that’s enough about me …… Lets deep dive into our core aspect of this blog i.e. “How Digital Marketing can change your life?”

Everyone of us have a dream. A perfect life which we always longed for. Do you have one? 

I would like you to take a pause for a minute now and try to imagine, “what exactly you want to achieve in life? The perfect dream life?”

Imagine your dream life

Hey I just said take a pause.  No moving forward now.

Think what is your True Passion, the Goal of your life.

Imagine you are there Living your dream life. The life you actually want. The life which don’t comes with any burden , restriction or pressure. The life you want to live the fullest and enjoy every moment. The life where you get up every day fully pumped up.


Felt GOOD ! Wasn’t it amazing?

Take a deep breath now…………………………………………………………………..:) Just let it flow through your Soul ……

I know how it feels.. How Great experience you had in these few seconds. Yes, that was the real you. The you which you always want to become ! 

My friend, that’s exactly is what you need in your life. 

What if I would say that its possible for you to live that life. 100% sure, you will get there soon, very soon….. But , But ….. Only if you take the correct steps and have the courage to fight with own. Only if you are willing to learn the steps… Only if you are crazy enough like me to defy all society norms and to pursue own dreams.

Thank you again for believing in yourself. Its the 1st Step To Success.

Now since you know what you really wanted to do. I would like you to work on your dream from today and have a plan to achieve it. Whatever it could be you can achieve it. You want to be a singer, an artist, a photographer, musician , actor, baker, an Instagram influencer, athlete or anything …………… Yes Its possible.

Everything you want to achieve starts with learning the required skills. And set up processes to max it up to have an impact.

Now let’s say, you have already the acquired the skills you need to become what you have decided. In my case when I quit my job to pursue photography, I did all needful courses, worked with mentors, learned Photography etc.

I was ready to launch myself into market. But guess what happened……..

I was lost in the crowd of thousands of Photographers who are already present there. I didn’t knew where I will find clients, projects assignments etc.

During that time one of my friend suggested to create Facebook page and post pics which will become a portfolio for me. I quickly jumped in to start a FB page & started posting my clicks in them daily. Many days passed on ……. But still I didn’t got any traction or anything.

I was getting frustrated and started losing hope. Even I thought of quitting Photography. But something was about to happen ……

One day I was simply browsing YouTube and came across one video where a photographer told something which changed my life. These were his exact words :

“Do You Know why some Good Photographers don’t get work, while others who are quite Ok types gets lot of assignments? The answer is Marketing your skills.”

Exactly “Marketing”. This is what I was missing. I had the skills and setup, but I was not doing proper marketing to promote myself.

The most important aspect in any business / entrepreneurship or self branding is to have a proper marketing in place.

Or else why would large companies , brands, sportspersons, actors, speaker etc etc all spending huge budgets doing marketing. It’s all about creating awareness and attract the vibe towards you.

Now you know that why we need marketing, that brings us one step closer towards Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing has huge benefit to promote brands , products, services or self branding as we have full control over it and we can measure it as compared to traditional marketing.

Digital marketing helps you in numerous ways. There are lot of reasons to learn Digital Marketing. Few of them are :

  1. You can make your career as a Digital Marketer.
  2. If you are startup, marketing is as important as your product. You can make your product reach with the help of digital marketing as its cost effective and comes handy with budget to start with.
  3. Digital Marketing helps business grow even more by reaching targeted customers and audience. You can consult businesses and set up their Online marketing campaigns.
  4. You can promote your own business easily with the help of Digital Marketing. I did it for my own business from where I learnt and implemented Digital Marketing.
  5. You can start your own blog of your interest topic and can get it big to a publishing platform.

 Learn More On Digital Marketing by joining my list below 👇 

STart working on your dream from today

So are you all set to START and scale your career sky-high. Yes You CAN and You will !!!

You know what, I believe in you ! Yes if you are reading it till this part of the post. I want you to know that you are gonna be successful.

“Set the stage, start the engine. Race it through and get in full speed towards your Dream.”

All the best.

Do remember to include me in your Journey of dream. I will be more than happy to be a part !

Sou !

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Any Questions ? Feel Free to Mail me at : mail@soubhagyasahoo.com


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