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How To Automate Facebook Business Page

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing have brought a revolutionary change in the marketing scenario for businesses worldwide. As of the third quarter of 2018, Facebook has reported a whooping 2.27 billion monthly active users making it the number one platform for advertising online.

Facebook Integrations offered by Wyzebulb are specially designed after understanding the need of the hour and the importance of tapping into useful data generated by Facebook such as Facebook Lead Ads data and Facebook comments under posts. Automating the conversion of Facebook Lead Ads data to Google Sheets and Facebook Comments into Google Sheets in real time empowers your marketing, sales and support team.

To run successful Ad campaigns, companies need to make the most of the Facebook Lead Ads data that is captured during and after an Ad to best understand the demographic, its spending power and other unique characteristics and behaviour of the target audience of the business. Wyzebulb’s Facebook Integrations offers smart filter options that allow you to select which Facebook Lead Ads Data to push into the Google Sheet. This useful step by step tutorial explains How To Download Facebook Leads Ad Data into Google Sheet in real time. It’s as simple as setting up a free Wyzebulb an account and syncing it with your Facebook Page and Google Drive. >> Check Out The video Tutorial Below :

Businesses often find comments under Facebook posts that contain important user information like email id, phone number or an address. With the magic of Automation, another excellent Facebook Integration by Wyzebulb offers you the smart solution of downloading thousands of comments under a Facebook Post into a Google Sheet! It will save you precious time and solve the repetitive and monotonous task of copy and pasting each comment manually. Data on Google Sheet is much easier to use, share and automatically saved online.

This Facebook integration on Wyzebulb also allows you to select which sheets will be shared with which team across your business. Facebook Comments under your post register as ‘events’ and those visible under various sheets register as ‘actions’ based on the filter criteria set up. Wyzebulb’s free tutorial on How To Download Facebook Comments Into Google Sheets will help you set this up in a matter of few minutes.

Facebook Messenger Bot is an excellent way to automatically connect, re-engage, send updates on upcoming products, offers and new launches to customers. Facebook Messenger is also a great channel for customers to interact with customer support service for their queries and concerns, therefore it becomes crucial for brands to keep up their Facebook Messenger Team at its best and automation makes this possible. Instant tailored replies offers customer satisfaction and turns them to loyal, returning customers. Wyzebulb offers Facebook Integration that allows
your business to download messages from Facebook Messenger to Google Sheets. Just like Facebook Lead Ads data and Facebook Comments, this integration is also real- time, fast and easy to set up and use.

Businesses and Brands that market and advertise with Facebook have seen exponential growth. Wyzebulb’s automation services promise 2x-10x growth within the first month. They offer several automation services SMS and Email Marketing Campaigns, Application Integrations, CRM, Advanced Analytics, Facebook Marketing Automation and Facebook Messenger Bot as well as other Facebook Integrations like those with Zendesk, Mandril, LeadSquared, Mail Chimp and many more! Here is a list of the entire range of Facebook Integrations offered by Wyzebulb. The best part is
it is completely free to register on Wyzebulb and set up these services for your Facebook Business page! Check out the tutorials and get started today.

Comment below and tell us which integration are you most excited about.

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