How to remove CRM connection from Business page in 2020

How to remove CRM connection from Facebook Business page | Lead Forms

In this video, I will show you how can you remove or disconnect your exixting CRM from Facebook Business page.

If you remove a CRM integration, it will no longer show as connected on Facebook, and you will be able to add a new CRM through Facebook if you choose. As an alternative, you can contact your CRM provider to disconnect the CRM, which will allow you to have the connection removed without removing the CRM app from your Page completely.

In the left-hand navigation of your Facebook Page, select Business Integrations.

In the right-hand pane, under Business Integrations, select the Active tab and then search for your CRM in the Active Business Integrations menu that appears below. Alternatively, you can search for your CRM using the search bar.

Select the checkbox next to the CRM that you want to remove and then select the Remove button.

Note: After you remove the CRM, if you go back to your Leads Setup, you’ll see the integrated CRM is no longer listed and a search box will be available again for you to search for new CRMs to connect with.

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