How to Install Facebook Pixel in WordPress | Latest Method with Step by Step Tutorial

Step by Step Video Tutorial on “How To INSTALL FACEBOOK PIXEL ON WORDPRESS ?”

If you’re running any type of Facebook ads, then Facebook Pixel is a must to optimize your ad campaigns for re-target audience and to build custom audiences.

Facebook Pixel is simply like Google Analytics for Facebook Ads. It helps you see how effective the ads are turning from clicks into real sales.

If you are using wordpress, then Facebook made is super easy to install Facebook Pixel and run it in just few clicks.

Below are the Steps to install Facebook Pixel on your WordPress Website :

Step 1 : Go To Facebook Ads Manager and click Events Manager from left panel under your ad account dashboard.

Step 2 : Click Add New Data Source & select Facebook Pixel from the drop down. Then provide your Pixel Name.

Step 3 : Once created, click the Pixel Name found under Data Sources.

Step 4 : Click Set up button found on top right secion of screen and select install Pixel.

Step 5 : Choose the first option i.e. ” Add code using partner integration” and choose WordPress.

Step 6 : Click Download to get Official Facebook Pixel Plugin.

Step 7 : Upload the plugin onto your wordpress website’s dashboard and click ACTIVATE. This completes your Facebook Pixel Installation.

Next You need to Test the installation if Successful or Not !

Step 8 : If you are on Google Chrome, install Facebook Pixel Helper Extension.

Step 9 : Send some traffic to your website by just typing your website address onto your browser.

Step 10 : Check the Facebook Pixel Helper Extension turning green and giving details about the Pixel number and Event details.

And there you go! That’s all you need to do to add Facebook Pixel to WordPress.

Enjoy your remarketing, conversion tracking, and custom audiences!

Is there anything else that you’d like us to explain when it comes to advertising your WordPress site on Facebook? Let us know in the comments!




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