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How To Rank High in GOOGLE

In the world of Digital Marketing, one item always always stayed at the top demand.

Yes its “How Can We Rank Our Website at Top of Google Listing?”

Its possible and the method all use to have best SEO done for the website. SEO is “Search Engine Optimization“. SEO is majorly optimizing our website to get better ranking under Google search results for the search term(keyword) you are targeting.

Why SEO is important?

SEO is a technique used for :

  • Improving the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of the website.
  • It improves the quality of traffic to visit our website. Staying high on Google builds credibility and people tends to visit Pages listed on top page of Google search result.
  • Helps Digital Marketers And Business Understand the behaviour of visitors and to analyse the search pattern.

Now the next big question is How to do it?

There are numerous ways and Google has more than 200+ algorithm to decide whom it wants to give the top position. Though its not practically possible to in cooperate all the methods, I provide you the most used methods. And by using them you can surely improve your website’s SEO definitely.

“One Thumb Rule : Write Something on your website which a human would like to read through. “

How Search Engine of GOOGLE Works ?

These are the basic architecture of Google Search Engine and includes lot of processing and decision making parameters based of which it ranks a website on its SERP.

  • CRAWLING : Its the process to fetch all the web pages that linked to the website. Its performed by the software, called a crawler or a spider (or Googlebot, in case of Google).
  • INDEXING : Its the process by which Google creates index just like a textbook index fetched from the website’s pages, and keeps them in their Big database from where it can later be retrieved. Essentially, the process of indexing is identifying the words and expressions that best describe the page and assigning the page to particular keywords.
  • PROCESSING : When a visitor types certain keywords in Google Search box, a search request is generated. The search engine processes it, i.e. it compares the search string in the search request with the indexed pages in the database mentioned above.
  • Calculating Relevancy : It is likely that more than one page contains the search string, so the search engine starts calculating the relevancy of each of the pages in its index to the search string.
  • Retrieving Results : The last step in search engine activities is retrieving the best matched results. Basically, it is nothing more than simply displaying them in the browser.

Now lets move ahead and see what we can practically do on our own side which will help us to get that High Rank for our website. There are basically two types of approach : On-Page SEO and Off Page-SEO.

Lets go through them in detail.

Unlike On-Page SEO, OFF page SEO is all about website optimization from the outside world of your website. It is almost as important as On Page SEO for Brand mentions, positive reviews, links, etc.. So, lets go ahead and see some of the techniques using which we can achieve this.

On-Page SEO

On page SEO are the methods and items, basically the important parameters which we need to implement on our website to help rank it better on the SERP of Google.

  • Do not Spam Keyword : Keywords are basically the search words which a user types in the Google’s search box. So the web pages which have the keywords are the likely ones to be chosen by Google to return the result to user. As a result many web developers spam the keyword unnecessarily in the website pages hoping to be selected for the keyword. But Google is very smart enough to negate them out if found Spamy. So use the keywords naturally as much as possible.
  • Good User Experience : Google values its visitors. It wants them to have a flawless experience when they navigate through one website. So having a good website with key points like : Good theme based structure, Menus, Hyperlinks among pages, Proper use of headings and H1 tags, the orientation of articles for smooth go and many more. So having a website with all these features of good CMS(content management system) are important. WordPress is one of the great CMS available for free which anyone can use to build their website.
  • High Quality Content/Images : Have website that serves value to visitors. So try to have great content quality for the readers. Include corresponding good images to help readers engage with the article.
  • Good Navigation/Site Design : As already mentioned above, we need to provide visitors to have a nice and easy navigation within the website. e.g. Have the menus clearly visible on top, provide the contact pages and services pages if needed. In the footer provide links to important pages. These are just few. Think from a user perspective and try to implement as much as possible.
  • Videos : Including videos inside website helps visitors to get engaged and increase the Session time on the page. So include videos for more engagement with audience.
  • Responsive Theme : Responsive theme basically means how our website will look on different device. Google has clearly ruled out the websites which don’t have responsive layouts.
  • Upload Time of Website : Load time factor is on top priority for Google SERP listing. As per analysis, we found that page whose load time is more than 5 second, doesn’t ever qualify for top position. Check your website load time at www.pingdom.com
  • Posts with 1200+ words : Google loves long quality posts for ranking. Its gives credibility about the author to provide more information to user. Try having some posts with more than 1000 words and most importantly with quality.
  • Include Keywords in internal links
  • Update alt text in the images used within the website.


Off-Page SEO

Unlike On-Page SEO, OFF page SEO is all about website optimization from the outside world of your website. It is almost as important as On Page SEO for Brand mentions, positive reviews, links, etc.. So, lets go ahead and see some of the techniques using which we can achieve this.

  • Link Building : Link Building is like building reputation online and in reference to it, other website owners will refer your website to their viewers. In technical terms, its the external link building from other websites. So, try to create good quality content and eventually other websites will refer your content in their domain. Other way around is to look for broken links on other websites, and create the required content on your website and email the website owner if they would like to fix the broken link with your website URL.
  • Social Media : Nevertheless to say how important is social media marketing like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so on. Most of the viewers hand out most on these Social Media platform and we cannot escape these mediums to promote our content. Posting our content will help reach max audience and will help traffic drive back to our website eventually increasing our SEO. Also its one of the factor determining the SERP rating i.e. posts which gets maximum likes and shares on Social media Platform.
  • Posting in Good Forums & Blogs : Visit the most popular blogs in your vertical, and leave comments. In recent years, comment blogging has fallen off in popularity, in large part because comment spam led to most blogs no-following their links. Try out for Guest Blogging too.
  • Use PPC : Use Pay Per Click strategy to drive more traffic to your website. It requires an investment but surely will drive genuine Visitors to your Website.


It’s time to think holistically

The complete list of above SEO tactics that can bring your brand success contains far more than mentioned elements.

Our goal with this post is to spur you to think beyond what’s comfortable or convenient, and instead consider what’s (a) doable in a reasonable amount of time and a reasonable degree of effort, and that (b) has the potential to yield a significant amount of success.

We’re convinced that a brand who works diligently to deploy the tactics listed above will be better able to thrive.


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Thanks Again !

Soubhagya Sahoo

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