"Get the top position on search engines and an instant online conversion "

Being in the top positions of search engines and ensuring a sustainable revenue growth is the dream of any business. Soubhagya Sahoo provides you progressive PPC services that deliver maximum possible returns from every cent of your online advertising spend.

How can I help you?

I will help you through all the process of PPC by searching and researching most competitive keywords which attract quality traffic. I will on your behalf regularly monitor the campaign that will minimize any if and but in the campaign. We assure you of quick results and maximum ROI. We even guarantee you of the reduced Cost per Click (CPC) and high click through rate (CTR). While working with me, you are actually working with highly skilled PPC professional who will be there to work for you round the clock.


Why should you consider doing PPC?

As the name suggests it’s about paying for every click. Pay Per Click is a campaign to list your website in an inorganic way. It is a target based online marketing which is most in trend due its immediate result in SERP’s. In a layman’s language, it is the fortune invested in getting your ad click. Through our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign you are able to get:

– More sales and inquiries
– Higher ROI (return on investment)
– Lower CPA’s (cost per acquisition)
– Increase local visibility
– Real-time trackability


Our PPC Management and Strategy

With 4 years of PPC management experience and GOOGLE certified every year working in India makes your path easier to success utilizing the effective pay per click services. And, the big news is that I just take a small part of the fortune you are incurring on your website marketing. Offering you these services, we assist you to get the best outcomes at an affordable cost per click.

1) PPC Strategy: In order to develop a strategy that is right for you, we’ll get to know your business and also keep an eye on your competitors. We seek out creative and effective strategies that result in a more powerful online presence.

2) Keywords: Conducting an extensive keyword research, we ensure you to cover the full search landscape, but avoid the areas which are not right for you.

3) Ad Extensions: Ad Extensions play a huge part in the appearance and success of our PPC arsenal. Making unique Ad extensions, we increase your product and store visibility on search by highlighting the store information within your PPC ads such as your address, phone number, Google rating, or additional links within your website.

4) PPC Optimization: We take the utmost pride in executing the best-practices approach for PPC optimization, ensure to provide enhanced conversion rates and effective landing page optimization.

5) Powerful tracking and reporting: The experts working with us produce the reports with meaningful insight into what’s going on with your PPC services, what we’ve done this month; how your paid search is doing against the key metrics you’re most interested in.


Types of Pay per Click Advertising:

Facebook Advertising: Today, Facebook is the world’s largest social network and it has many potential customers for your business. Using Facebook cost per click advertising, you can reach out directly to your target customers and encourage them to engage with your brand.

Google Adwords Marketing: Search engines like Google track what people are searching for online, and how many times the search term has been entered in a month. Availing Google Adwords Marketing service, you can allow your business to have an instant visibility among your target markets when the clients search for your products or services on Google.