Career in Digital Marketing

Should I Start Career Career in Digital Marketing?

Are you thinking to start your career or to switch your career into Digital Marketing Marketing?

In this article, I will share you the most important 7 Factors which will help you to decide, if you really want to start your career in Digital Marketing.

When I say most important, it means that the journey on Digital Marketing depends upon these 7 Factors directly.

This article will give u a fair idea on the things you will encounter once u get started in the world of DM.

Just in Case You Don’t Wanna Read the Article, You can watch out the video version below :

Now that you decide to read , lets start now.

First of all, is Digital Marketing a good career choice?

Well! As a digital marketing trainer/consultant who had the privilege of training hundreds of students online and offline, I frequently get asked the above questions time and again.

Over the last few years. digital marketing industry has evolved into a mature industry. The evolution has definitely opened the door for more digital marketing professionals.

However the  answer to the question – Is digital marketing  for you? or is it worth the money for you to enroll yourself in a digital marketing course requires a deeper introspection.

So without any further delay, lets jump into our No. 1 Factor :

Point No 1 :  DM is a lucrative job, but not for everyone.

The career is very lucrative and highly profitable with lot of opportunities an income source. So as you know when the profits are high, the investments needs to be high too….  right?

Which means you need to put a lot of effort by coming out of your comfort zone, to start career in digital marketing.

So, it may or may not be for everyone which you will understand in my next points 🙂

Point No 2. You need to Create an Online Presence

As I Said, this career demands a lot of hard work and hustle.

When it comes to landing a job in almost any field, you might as well not exist without an online presence.

For obvious reasons, this is especially true of digital marketing: a prospective employer is going to look your online portfolio first to learn about you.

And if they can’t find you, they are going to move on to the next person who has an online image.

So what needs to be done????

Well From Day 1, You have to Create your own digital marketing presence by creating blog, social media accounts that are linked to websites you have built, portfolios, etc.  Show them what you are really capable of.

You need to start doing this from the starting day of your training. There is no escape from this.

Point No 3. You are going to do a lot of side hustle.

From point 2 you now know that you need to do a lot of stuffs to learn digital marketing as it’s a very vast field.

If  I Say Starting from SEO to PPC , or Email Marketing to Content Marketing, these are very big umbrellas of DM. And just by doing a 2-3 hrs of daily course or training won’t be sufficient. You got to put hours and hours to practice and implement them.

Point No 4. Digital Marketing is not just using the tools.

You might have seen people using Facebook ads, Google ads platforms. or email marketing software or WordPress platforms etc.

But DM is not just about using tools, but to have a clean thorough knowledge about Basics of Marketing.

You need to be creative enough to understand the human psychology, buyers persona or the marketing fundamentals. If you don’t have these, better get start to learn them first.

Point No 5. Digital Marketing is a very fast changing field.

Yes, this is the most crucial factor.

for eg., A simple SEO technique which works today might not work after a new Google Algorithm update.

If you are choosing career as Digital Marketer, you need to keep up with the latest trends. You need to invest both time and money to survive in this industry.

The need of this industry vary over time. And if you fall behind, someone else will be waiting to take your place.

Point No 6. Go Out and Network

It is important to get your name out there, and the best way to do that is by networking.

Not only is this going to make people remember you, it is also going to give you great connections.

It can help you in many areas throughout your career.

One person may know where you can get specific training.

Another may have a lead on a great job.

You will also be able to learn from their experience, and gain a list of experts you can use to put together as a great team.

So if you want to network with our community where people across globe are present, then join our Telegram Group.

Last but not the least, Point No 7. Content creation skills is a must.

To become successful in DM career, you need to have the skills to curate content.

Content can be in text or video formats i.e. you should be able to write blogs, ad copies, email body/subject lines, or to create lucrative banners/posters/flyers etc. or could create videos for self promotion or the clients you using, just like am doing using this video.

So start writing and practicing ………………….

So these are the 7 key aspects or points I would say which you need to understand very well before you start your career in the world of DM.

I wish  I would have known these 7 points in detail which could have saved my lot of hustle when I started my journey in the ocean of DM.

So this is all for today, I hope this article would have helped you to broaden up your thought process to make a clear decision considering 3 main aspects i.e. Time, Money and Effort

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