Soubhagya Sahoo
Start with the Customer and Work Backward

Start with the Customer and Work Backward


You might have came across the situation where you have put the best creative digital campaign set up. Yet the results are not as expected.

There is a very strong reason behind failure of campaigns. They don’t acknowledge the empowered & informed consumer.

So what we need to do in order to be successful which setting up our digital marketing campaigns ? I know how bad it feels when our CPA is way too high while our CPA is way low. I know how frustrated it can be.

From my experience by working with various clients across different domains, I came across the very basic point which is always the key – It’s the “PEOPLE POWER“.

We all knew how the evolution of Internet has happened in last 2 decades namely Facebook, Google, eBay, PayPal, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo, Snapchat etc.

But the true evolution of the internet is chronicled by the story of the empowered individual. Yes, You and I own the internet, & the evolution of internet is our story.

20 years ago, when the shift happened from Yahoo to Google, it was not because of Google marketing. It’s because how we got more control over the information we searched.

Similarly eBay allowed us to sell anything online. Facebook allowed us to stay in touch with people all over the world whenever & however we like.

All these great leaps in digital technologies have been possible by one thing – they have given you and me more control of our lives.

From internet  we can learn a lot about our customers. We can identify their habits, their interests & preferences. The freedom the web offered has fundamentally altered the company/customer relationship, upending it & putting the customer in driver’s seat.

With the advancement in communication & technology, the wall has not only fallen between the company and its customers but between fellow customers, who can publicly share their experience – the good, the bad & the ugly !


Next important aspect is Market Research versus Market Reality.

The main challenge of any business is to get its product & services into the hands of the customer.

This is where the market research plays an important aspect in making decisions through gut instincts, polls, surveys & research about existing habits & activities. But problem is, people lie(especially in surveys).

The internet enables us to learn from market reality by looking at what people actually do online. We use social media tools to research customer’s activities & preferences based on their online activities.

By accessing the market reality, our product is better targeted & our chances of a successful go-to-market strategy are greater.

There are lot of ways to do Market Research online, namely :

We need to always remember that “Customer is the King” and we must build our campaigns by keeping Customer first 🙂

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