Soubhagya Sahoo
How To Handle Stress & Pressure

Stress & Pressure In Life

Stress … Pressure …  Sounds Familiar, Right?


In this whole world, everyone experience this Stress & Pressure !


But instead of doing what needs to be done, we do the opposite way around i.e. Instead of reducing the Stress & Pressure, we tend to fall in its zone and couldn’t let us out of it.


Let’s break the tension here and go on a tour right now with me into the nature to understand the basic principle which needs to be understood.


You must have seen greeneries in the wild with lot of trees and plants.


Did u saw the plants having beautiful flowers on them. And trees with fruits on them.


Aren’t they really beautiful?


Now u do one thing, try to pluck some flowers and try to squeeze them hard. You will feel the smell of the beautiful fragrance coming out of it.


It makes us mesmerize, right?


Now similarly, grab some fruits now like mangoes and squeeze them and you get the tasty juice out it. This also makes us mesmerized. Isn’t it?


So, what I am trying to say you is that Stress and Pressure comes at any point of life not to break us.


But it comes to remind us to generate the motivation within self to work more hard. To become more passionate about life and do the best you can.


To be the best version of yourself.


So never ever run away from Stress and Pressure. Accept them a part of your life. We will have them at every corner of our life.


Look at them in the Positive way and if you learn this in life.



Then trust me, The real Development in your life will Begin Now !

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