Soubhagya Sahoo

True Freedom

Are you Independent?

Yes…….. You ?

Sounds strange right ! You must me thinking what happened to Sou, who’s a digital marketer suddenly instead of SEO/SMO, Facebook Marketing etc. talking about my independence ! Is he crazy or am I drunk…. Lol 🙂

Nopes dear, I am not. See how its easy to judge someone with just a single statement when someone behave differently….

Today I am not here to talk about Digital Marketing or entrepreneurship… or any!

I just wanna have a conversation with you.

I know how hard our life is. Each day starts with a struggle. Each day brings new challenges. Each day we again prove ourselves.

Existence to prove that we are not less than any, that we are better than others, prove to be best in our field, prove to be be the best in class, prove to be the best son/daughter, prove to be the best partner to our loved ones, prove to be the most hard working employee in the office, and prove to be that we are Independent !

Prove… Prove.. Prove !!!!!!!! Till when we will keep proving ourselves???????????

When will the end of proving ourselves will end ? When we will be truly FREE from all these? Till when???????????

Well my dear friend, the answer is NEVER!

Scared………. Ahaaaaa ! It’s the irony my dear. Because we are living in a world to Please Others !

We completely forgot in the world of competition that Our Existence/ Our Life is purely our own. It doesn’t need someone’s approval to live the way we want to live our Life (The ONLY Life, we got).

We all know that we can’t be good to everyone always, so why not take a pause in our life and see are we truly Independent?

Am I really FREE?

We all work for money, name, fame, status, relationship, power etc etc. But are they truly the assets we can carry when we leave this world? NO, right?

We might have 2000+ FB friends, 100K Insta followers, 1000+ YT subscribers. But, do they really care who you are ? Answer is NO!

Then what’s the point here?

Point is, NO ONE CARES! Yes, No body fucking care if you are really successful or you are a failure. The only person who care bout u is YOU!

So take charge of your own life Today.

There is no point of getting promotion on the day you had a breakup. There is no point is having a Lambo or million $ bank balance, if there is no one holding your hand on your death bed. There is no point having 100+ friends, who can’t turn out in cae of any emergency. There is no point to be so obedient to your company, who will fire you if you gets sick.

We all live in a Independent country, but we all are slaves to Society Norms!

We all want to live a True Independent Life, but because of fear we never take that step …..

Well same thing happened to be some years back……… I worked in an MNC company with high paid salary in USA. But deep down inside, I knew I was not happy.

I had 2 choice, to live the whole life like all 99% do or to break the path and create my Own. I choose to go into the 1% where people Truly Live their life on their own terms.

I figured out how beautiful Life is when you start living your life the way you wanna be.

Well the journey was full of Ups and Downs. But eventually the decision I took is what made me today.

So what are you waiting for… Take the STEP Today, You never know if Tomorrow may come or not !

Leap forward with a HOPE……. Cos its the Hope that keeps us alive 🙂


If you really wanna be an action taker, I welcome you to my community of People across Globe who are living the true Freedom Lifestyle. <— Click To Join



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