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Introduction to Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing ?





Digital Marketing (also known as Data-Driven Marketing) is an Umbrella term for the Marketing of products  or services using digital technologies, mainly on internet (including Mobile Marketing, display advertising , social media, search engines, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and many other Digital medium.

Gone are the days when Marketing was cached upon merely by the traditional methodology of cliché techniques by several marketing and sales professionals. However, over the period of time, it has come across that the usual techniques of pitching sales are no more applied or leveraged upon by the professionals.

For the past few years, sales process has changed a lot from doing sales through phone calls to sales being conducted through several social media marketing. Instead, the focus is now being led on how to reach out to the customers and make the sales through the contemporary methodologies viz. via the help of Digital media like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn , email campaigns, ads, etc.

Digital Marketing is basically a medium to promote Brand and Online Product.  It is the Art of getting customers for a business via online & digital mediums.

Its a term used for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach the viewers, turn them into customers, and retain them.

In this Era the reality is, people spend twice as much as time in online as they use to, some years ago. People are now more fascinated to online shopping rather going offline. Now-a-days Offline marketing is not as effective as it used to be.

Marketing has always been about connecting with the audience in the right place and at the right time (i.e, to meet audience where they are already spending time – INTERNET ).

India is the 2nd  largest internet users based according to Wikipedia. It is only next to China with only 462 million internet users and this is more than the United States. And also another report says that the internet users in India will grow At least 5 crores every year until 2020.

Digital Marketing spends on huge in many developed economies. In India also it is growing very fast.

Example: In USA Digital Marketing spends on alone accounted 37% of Ad Spending and when we look at China nearly all Advertising Spends 40% were on Digital channels.

According to report by emarketer.com In US alone, the total spend on search engine marketing was 33 billion dollar and the total spend on display advertising was 34 billion dollars. In total digital Ad Spending was 72 billion dollars in US alone. And imagine how much it will be all over the world and in India also the Digital Ad spending is rising day by day, and by 2020 we all will see nearly 50% of all the Marketing spend will go into digital Marketing than Traditional Marketing.


Digital marketing helps us make use of proven strategies and techniques that attract not necessarily more traffic – but highly targeted traffic that delivers result.

Targeting the right kind of people that delivers the right kind of results is what Digital  Marketing is all about- Ensuring survival for your business.



Digital Marketing isn’t just about bringing in more online sales, improving search engine rankings or increasing the click-through. Of course, those are important, but they’re not the only thing we should focus on. These days, without an online presence, It can be hard to compete and grow the business. And that’s where Digital Marketing comes in.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

It’s also about increasing exposure –

  • Brand Awareness : A key objective is engaging digital marketing customers and allowing them to interact with the brand through servicing and delivering of digital media so that  more and more people know the brand, are familiar with what  it does and can recall it, recommend it or think about it later on in their time of need.
  • Ease of access : information is ease to access at a fast rate through the use of Digital Communications. Users with access to the internet can use many digital medium, such as Facebook, You-Tube, Forums, and Emails etc.  Through Digital Communications it creates a multi-communication channel where information can be easily exchanged around the world by anyone without any regard to whom they are. Social segregation plays no part through social mediums due to lack of face to face communication and information being wide spread instead to a selective audience. The interactive nature allows the customers to create conversation in which the targeted audience is able to ask questions about the brand and get familiar with which the traditional forms of marketing may not offer.
  • Competitive advantage: By using internet platforms, businesses can create competitive advantage through various means. To reach the maximum potential customers of Digital Marketing, firms use social media as its main tool to create a channel of information. Through this, a business can create a system in which they are able to pinpoint behavioral patterns of clients and feedback on their needs. This means of content has shown to have a larger impingement on those who have a long-standing relationship with the firm and with the consumers who are relatively active social media users. Relative to this creating a social media page will further increase relation quality between new consumers and existing consumers as well as consistent brand reinforcement therefore improving brand awareness resulting in a possible rise for consumers up the Brand Awareness Pyramid.  Effective use of digital marketing can result in relatively lowered costs in relation to traditional means of marketing; Lowered external service costs, advertising cost, promotion costs, processing costs, interface design costs and control costs.
  • Effectiveness: Brand awareness has been proven to work with more effectiveness in countries that are high in uncertainty avoidance, and there social media marketing works effectively. Brand that represents themselves in an anthropomorphizing manner are more likely to succeed in situations where a brand is marketing to this demographic. “Since social media use can enhance the knowledge of the brand and thus decrease the uncertainty, it is possible that people with high uncertainty avoidance, such as the French, will particularly appreciate the high social media interaction with an anthropomorphized brand”.



With the change and evaluation of modern technologies, small and medium businesses are doing everything they can to keep up, which can be said true for the rest of human society. Ex: Shops like Brick-and-motor businesses are either changing their business models to an online one or beefing up existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies. In the digital era where business and commerce are heading to Digital marketing tools and techniques provide business owners the best chance for competition , survival and even business growth.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

The following 12 reasons will show why the use of digital marketing is not only investment wise decision but also an effective marketing channel that can help one grow their business.

  1. DIGITAL MARKETING LEVELS THE ONLINE FIELD: Digital marketing provides small and medium businesses the chance to compete and attract their share of targeted traffic. Small companies now have the resources to perform sales and marketing processes that were previously available only to large corporations.
    Small businesses have very little resources and even capitalization. This is why digital marketing provides them with a better and much more cost-effective marketing channel that delivers results. 40% claimed getting considerable savings by using digital marketing methods of promotion for their products and services. 28% of business owners surveyed will shift marketing budget allocations from traditional media channels and invest them into digital online marketing tools and techniques. Digital Marketers gets better Cost-Per-Lead(CPL) compared to other marketing channels. 
  1. DELIVERS CONVERSION:  Online businesses marketing products and services online measure success by percentage rate of incoming traffic gets converted into: a) leads b)subscribers c)sales 
  1. HELPS GENERATE BETTER REVENUES: Higher conversion rates generated by effective digital marketing techniques will deliver loads of profitable benefits for you and your business in terms of better and higher revenues. Companies using digital marketing strategies have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy. Small and medium enterprises using digital marketing techniques will have 3.3 times better chances of expanding their workforce and business.  
  1. FACILITATES INTERACTION WITH TARGETED AUDIENCES: Interacting  and providing customers with the proper engagement points can give you an insight of what the targeted audiences want.

      Benefits of real-time marketing for companies:

  • Marketing effectiveness, precise targeting.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and experience.
  • Increased customer retention.
  • Driving revenue through personalised offers
  • Increased cross-sell, up-sell rates.
  • Marketing efficiency and quick time to value. 
  1. CATERS TO MOBILE CONSUMER: Mobile gadgets have evolved from being mere alternatives for laptops and personal computers, into something that is influencing their purchasing decision. 91% of adults in the Unites States always have their devices within reaching distance. 
  1. BUILDS BRAND REPUTATION: Delivering on what you promised will help you develop a better relationship with your targeted audiences. Paying customers—-> loyal customers—-> your brand ambassadors. 
  1. PROVIDES BETTER ROI FOR YOUR MARKETING INVESTMENTSThe key to success in digital marketing however, is to generate a steady flow of targeted traffic that converts into sales and leads. The more business generates this kind of traffic, the faster we realise ROI. 
  1. EARNS PEOPLES TRUST: Digital marketing leverages on social media signals, social proof and testimonials from actual consumers who have previously purchased , joined, or availed of a product or services marketed by a particular brand or business. 90% of the respondent claimed they would trust information about a particular brand , product or services if the data comes from people they know.
  1. ENTICES PEOPLE TO TAKE FAVOURABLE ACTION: Digital marketers can make use of clever and innovative ways to entice conversion using calls to action. Calls to action specifies what your web visited should do nest-


Innovative forms, buttons and texts are optimised according to copy, color scheme, graphics and even positioning on the page to generate the best results in terms of generating favourable action. 

  1. MAKES YOU READY FOR THE INTERNET OF THINGS: The “ Internet Of Things” is a global ecosystem of interconnected devices- tablets, smart-phones , gadgets, appliances and more- that  can interact with each other through the internet. 
  1. ENSURES ONLINE BUSINESS SURVIVAL: Even if we have tons of website visitors but none of them ever convert , online business will cease to exist.


Digital Marketing helps us make use of proven strategies and techniques that attract not necessarily more traffic – but highly targeted traffic that delivers result.

Targeting the right king of people that delivers the right kind of results is what Digital Marketing is all about- Ensuring survival for your business.



  • People used to consume content via TV, Newspaper, Magazines & Radio.
  • Now people are using Facebook , YouTube, Reading blogs & so on.
  • Companies need digital marketing help to manage Ad Campaigns & they will pay 10% on Ad spend as salary or commission.




We all know that Digital Marketing is a growing field, but how can we make use of  this trend and what can be benefit from this.

  • With Digital marketing we can do personal branding. It can help us with getting jobs and entrepreneurship.
  • We can help other companies as a consultant or as an employee when we have digital marketing expertise.
  • And we can use the Digital Marketing knowledge to build our own business, and as we all known that marketing is the most important function in a business.


The use of Digital Marketing in the digital era, not only allows for brands to market their products and services, but also allows for online customer support through 24*7 services to make customers feel secured, supported and valued.

The use of social media interaction  allows brands to receive both positive and negative feedbacks from their customers as well as determining what media platforms work well for them. As such, digital marketing has become an increased advantage for brands and businesses. It is now common for consumers to post feedback online through social media sources, blogs and websites on their experience with a product or brand.

It has become increasingly popular for businesses to utilize and encourage these conversations through their social media channels to have direct contact with the customers and manage the feedback they receive appropriately.

Words of mouth communications and peer-to-peer dialogue often have a greater effect on customers, since they are not sent directly from the company and are therefore not planned. Customers are more likely to trust other customers experiences.

It is increasingly advantageous from companies to utilize social media platforms to connect with their customers and create these dialogues and discussions. The potential reach of social media is indicated by the fact that in 2015, each month the Facebook app had more than 126 million average unique users and YouTube and over 97 million average unique users.



Digital Marketing is much more than E-commerce and the only way for someone who is interested to learn about it, is through self-effort and a handful of institute who provides Diploma or MBA in Digital Marketing.

To cite an example , one of my close friend who had an experience of 5 years in a traditional marketing role, added digital marketing to enhance his business. After some months of adding digital marketing process he had a lots of offer through online.

If we look at jobs listing on LinkedIn, about 20-25% of the jobs listed are of Digital Marketing realm. This is no surprise as the industry is growing at a fast pace and is need of skilled professionals.

Digital Marketing Jobs in India
Digital Marketing Jobs in India

There are plenty of jobs in Digital Marketing field in India because:

  • Digital Marketing is a New Field and lot of businesses in India need expertise in Digital Marketing.
  • Thousands of companies are looking for experts in Digital Marketing.
  • There are not enough Digital Marketing experts in the market.
  • Digital marketing jobs is one of the highest paying jobs in the industry today.
  • One can use the knowledge of Digital Marketing to build own business.
  • One can start side business and bring a consistent stream of income( many opportunities like video marketing, niche blogging etc.)
  • One can consult clients on digital marketing strategies. Or start a digital marketing agency to serve the clients and help them with digital marketing strategies.
  • One can start their own blogging site and update it frequently.





Modules in Digital Marketing



Social media marketing is the manner of generating website traffic or attracting viewers and customers through social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram,  pinterest, LinkedIn, twitter, and so on. Social media marketing is a subset of digital marketing. All social networking websites support sharing of content, but all are not necessarily employed for digital marketing. While Facebook emphasizes on personal sharing ,  twitter emphasises on tweeting short messages about one’s opinion or reactions, and LinkedIn goes for professional networking, pinterest motivates to market one’s ideas and online businesses.


Paid search, or pay-per-click(PPC) advertising, typically refers to a “Sponsored result” on the top or side if a search engine result page(SERP). You only pay when your ad is clicked. You can tailor your PPC ads to appear  when specific search terms are entered, creating ads that are targeted to a particular audience.  PPC ads are flexible, visible, and most importantly , effective for many different types of organizations. They are also contextual advertisements- ads that appear when a person is searching for a particular keyword or term.


Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the content,  technical set-up, and reach of the website so that pages appear at the top of search engine result  for a specific set of keyword terms. Ultimately the goal is to attract the visitors to website when they search the product, services or information related to our business.

SEO can almost be viewed as a set of best practices for good digital marketing. It enforces the need for a well-constructed and easy-to-use website, valuable and engaging content, and the credibility for other websites and individuals to recommend us by linking to our website or mentioning it in social media posts.


Have you heard the Expression, “content is the king?” if not, you have now. Great content is the fuel that drives digital marketing activities.

  • It is a key pillar of modern SEO.
  • It helps you get notified on social media.
  • It gives you something of value to offer customers in emails and paid search ads.

       Creating clever content that is not promotional in nature, but instead educates and    inspires , is tough but well worth the effort. Offering content that is relevant to audience helps them see you as a valuable source of information. On top of that, resourceful content makes it less likely that they will tune you out.


Email hail been around for more than two decades, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s still the quickest and most direct way to reach customers with critical information. The reason is simple: Consumers are very attached to emails. Just ask yourself how many times you have checked your emails in past hour…

But great marketers know that not just any emails will do. Successful email campaign must be engaging, relevant, informative and entertaining. To succeed, marketing emails should satisfy these core attributes

  • Trustworthy
  • Relevant
  • Conversational
  • Be coordinated across channels
  • Strategic


As mobile devices become an increasingly integral part of our lives, it’s vital that marketers understand how to effectively communicate on this unique and extremely personal channel.

Mobile devices are kept in our pockets , sit next to our beds and are checked constantly throughout the day. This makes marketing on mobile incredibly important but also very nuanced.From SMS and MMS to in-app marketing, there are many ways to market on mobile devices so finding the right method of our particular business is key.

Beyond the mechanism to deliver the message, we also need to think about coordination of our marketing across digital channels and make sure mobile is a part of that mix.


Marketing automation is an integral platform that ties all of the digital marketing together. Without it ,  campaign will look an unfinished puzzle with a crucial missing piece.

Marketing automation software streamlines and automates marketing tasks and workflows. Most  importantly it measures the result and ROI of digital campaign, helping to grow revenue faster. When used effectively , marketing automation will help to gain much needed insight into which programs are working and which aren’t. it will give the metrics needed to speak confidently about digital marketing’s impact on the bottom line.




  • LEVEL PLAYING FIELD: Any business can compete with any competitor regardless of size with a solid Digital marketing strategy. Traditionally a smaller retailer would struggle to match the finesses of the fixtures and fittings of its large competitors. Online, a crisp well thought out site with a smooth customer journey and fantastic services is king – no size.
  • REDUCED COST:  Business can develop its online marketing strategy for very little cost and can potentially replace costly advertising channels such as Yellow Pages, Television, Radio, Magazine.
  • SIMPLE TO MEASURE: Unlike Traditional methods we can see in real time what is or is not working for the business online and we can adapt very quickly to improve our results. For measuring traffic to our site we can use Google Analytics to measure specific goals we want to achieve for our website or blogs and most packaged email marketing solutions to provide good insight hoe many people are opening, reading and converting from our emails.
  • REAL TIME RESULTS: We don’t have to wait weeks for a boost to our businesslike we would have waiting for a fax or form to be returned. We can see the number of visitors visited our site and subscribers increase, peak trading times, conversion rates and much more at the touch of the button.
  • REFINEMENT OF STRATEGY: basically anything that we capture in our customer journey can be reported on and honed for greater success at the fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. After all, marketing online helps us to refine our strategies at any point in time and see improvements and opportunities for further refinement almost instantaneously.
  • BRAND DEVELOPMENT: A well maintained website with quality content targeting the needs and adding value to the target audience can prove significant value to our target and lead generation opportunities. The same can be said for utilizing social media channels and personalized email marketing.
  • FAR GREATER EXPOSURE: Business can be seen anywhere in the world from one marketing campaign, the cost to do this using traditional methods would be considerable. Plus once we have optimized the key word search content in our website we should see along-term return on our investment and will be fairly low cost to maintain our rankings.
  • VIRAL: How often sales flyers get passed around instantly by our customers and prospects? Online, using social media share buttons on website, email and social media channels enables our message to be shared incredibly quickly, just look how effective it is for sharing breaking news. If we consider the average facebook user has 190 friends of which an average of 12% see their liked posts – our one message has actually been seen by 15 new prospects.
  • NOT INTRUSIVE: We know most people hate receiving sales mailshots or phone calls at inconvenient times on stuff that they have little interest in. online people get the choice to opt in or out of communications and often it is relevant because they were the ones searching for it in the first place.
  • GREATER ENGAGEMENT: With  Digital marketing we can re-encourage our prospects, clients and followers to take action, visit our website, read about products and services, rate them, buy them and provide feedback which is visible to our market. So it doesn’t take long for good publicity to enhance the prospects of our business.



Digital Marketing is always going to be a changing industry because the online world is changing rapidly. It only takes a few months for a once essential resource to be out of favor because a hot new site or tool has popped up that everyone uses instead. Think how hot networks like Friendster, Myspace and Vine once were. It’s not just a matter of sites coming and going. It’s also a change in the way people interact online, the software they use, the device they use and many more. In today’s ever changing and ever expanding digital world, every marketer faces one challenge or the other while trying to establish a market for his brand.

While most of all have the same goals to achieve via similar channels, the challenges faced could be slightly different- one might have trouble driving enough traffic from social media to their website and another might have trouble measuring the channel that brings them the most traffic.

In simple word, every marketing strategy out there has room to improve- but the catch is to identify where exactly are we facing a challenge today and how can we overcome them.

         Staying on top of all these changes is always to be a challenge. Here are some of the top challenges ahead for Digital Marketing :

  • INCREASED SECURITY RISK: As more information is shared online, there is more incentive for hackers to find ways to get through the security. We shop online, pay bills, submit applications with private information, order copies of birth certificates and other important documents, and much more. That’s a treasure trove of data for thieves. We may already have security for our sites, such as a good firewall, HTTP encryption and maybe even a good antivirus program. But we all need more. Work with a good security team to identify the weaknesses for our websites and to create measures to reduce risks.
  • CLUTTERED MARKET: There are billions of websites in a limited number of niches. How to make our website stand out amongst the rest? SEO is just one way to help rise to the top, but it is not enough. We have to find    ways to provide unique and valuable content, have to have an original voice and    have to engage people. Focus on giving the readers what they really need. Provide them solutions to their problems. Talk about the things they care about. Make emotional appeals.
  • LESS FOCUS ON KEYWORDS: In the past keywords were the Bread and Butter of Find the right keywords and use them the right way and your site could shoot to the top of search results, helping to get more traffic and exposure. With all the Google’s algorithm changes, keywords have become less important. They are still used, but they are not the focus.   Instead, Google crawls the site to   get a sense of the overall tone and scope. It’s a tropical approach rather than sick and find. That means that we need to use such phrases rather than keywords and that you need to build content around topics rather than writing a blog post for each keyword we want to target.
  • MORE AD BLOCKERS : The use of ad blocking software is growing exponentially, and the people who are not using them will soon be in the minority. That presents a big challenge for marketers, who will have a hard time getting       people to even use their ads, let alone to act on them. Native advertising is emerging as the most effective solutions right now,   including sponsored blog posts, reviews and mentions. Intent based native ads   will help marketers get even more results since it improves targeting to ensure   that the right customers are seeing the ads.
  • INCREASED ADS COSTS: The right advertising can help us get the exposure we need but we are going to pay more for it in 2017. There is more competition than ever for advertising, and networks like Google and Facebook are pushing up prices across the board. Make sure that we are getting more money worth by creating the best ads and placing them on the right networks. Using an automated program like In-feed can take the guesswork out of it and ensure that we get the placement we need for maximum ROI.

Digital marketing will always face challenges but learning about changes and developing new strategies can help us overcome them and achieve the goals.

Thanks Again !

Soubhagya Sahoo (Sou)

Any Questions ? Feel Free to Mail me at : mail@soubhagyasahoo.com

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